The overall objective of the project “India-EU Cooperation on ICT-Related Standardisation, Policy and Legislation” (2015 – 2019) is to promote closer alignment between India and Europe with regard to the production and use of ICT standards and to harmonise the exchange of statistical data, thereby facilitating trade, increasing interoperability and the ease of doing business for companies, and adding additional weight to European and Indian ICT standardisation efforts at the global level.

Recent Posts

- The hackathon in April will be the third of its kind organized in India through the India-EU

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Project supported a panel discussion at the 6th M2M + IoT Forum on 14 January 2019. India-EU Dialogue on

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India-EU ICT Standardisation cooperation project announces support to IIIT Hyderabad CoE on IoT topic

India-EU-ICT Standardisation cooperation

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