2nd TSDSI-TEPC Workshop on “Standardisation for Developing Countries”

2nd TSDSI-TEPC Workshop on “Standardisation for Developing Countries”, (10 Feb 2020, New Delhi)

Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC) has been set up by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Communications, Government of India for promotion of exports of Telecom Equipment and Services. It has played a key facilitating role in developing strong trade relationships between India and emerging economies, including countries from Africa, Sahara, South East Asia, South Asia and South America.

Developing countries too, like India, are mostly dependent on imports for their needs of telecom equipment and services. While procurement of global standards-based equipment gives them some flexibility in choice of vendors, the larger question is whether the global telecom standards cater to the operating conditions or use cases that might be specific to them. For this to happen, it is important that the voice of developing countries be heard in the global standards making organisations like ITU, 3GPP and oneM2M, to name just a few.

Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India, (TSDSI),  founded in January 2014 with full encouragement and support of Government of India and having a membership base representing all segments of telecom ecosystem in the country, is very much interested in being the voice of India and the developing world in international telecom standards making. TSDSI has been a regular in the SG5 meetings of ITU-R and made contributions to IMT-2020 standards which should help cost effective roll out of 5G services in rural India and many other developing countries with similar conditions. TSDSI is also an organization partner (OP) of 3GPP and Partner type 1 of oneM2M.

TSDSI wishes greater engagement with the developing countries for sharing of knowledge and experience for mutual benefit. TSDSI is also working with TEPC to learn from their experience and leverage their excellent network in telecom ecosystems of the developing world.

3GPP has designated TSDSI to report progress on “Topics for 5G NR (New Radio) deployment in developing countries. It has been decided that TSDSI will conduct periodic workshops on “Standardisation for Developing Countries” in partnership with TEPC, at regular intervals to exchange views on adoption of 5G and beyond technologies in the developing economies regions.

The first such workshop was held on 14 October 2019 in New Delhi, where activities of Global standards forums, TSDSI and Developing economies perspectives were discussed. Rural broadband technologies to cater to the unique requirements in developing countries was an area of common interest extensively discussed. We would like to carry this discussion forward.

The 2nd workshop in this series was organized in New Delhi on 10 February 2020, with “5G Use Cases and Rollout plans/strategies” as the theme.  The workshop was conducted in the form of a round table discussion among standards experts from participating countries to deliberate on the compelling use cases that are likely to/driving 5G deployments in their regions (from the IMT 2020 eMBB/ URLLC/ mMTC perspective) and rollout plans.

The workshop preceded “India Telecom 2020” conference, an Exclusive International Business Expo under Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAI) of Department of Commerce, Government of India on 11-12 February in New Delhi.

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