Build-A-Thon, ITU India AI/ML Challenge, Low Latency Closed Loop 2022

Build-A-Thon, ITU India AI/ML Challenge, Low Latency Closed Loop 2022

The objective of the Build-a-Thon activity is to provide a platform for students and professionals in India to participate in global pre-standards activity and Build-A-Thon challenge related to AI/ML in Low Latency Closed Loop. IIT Delhi with support from India EU ICT Standardization Project and TSDSI, launched the India specific Build-A-Thon aligned with ITU global challenge.

Designed and created website for Knowledge sharing and activity schedules. Maintained and updated for 4 months on IIT Delhi website.


  • Build upon the previous work done by IIT Delhi in the area of FG in AI/ML on 5G and extend for solving practical problems.
  • IITD and collaborators to provide mentoring for participants
  • Proof of concept development, culminating in demos.
  • Collaboratively create knowledge base with the participating teams and publish findings.
  • Capture learnings to form guidelines for global collaboration on Standards
  • Prepare Final technical report.
  • A knowledge dissemination summary and technical report would be submitted as technical.
  • Report to SDOs to be treated as pre-standards input. This can lead to further standard proposals after due study and gap analysis of existing standards.

The associated partners of the events are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi: Technical Team Lead
  • Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India: Technical andSupporting Partner
  • The India-EU ICT Standardization Collabaration Project: Funding and Management partner. EU experts invites

The supporting partners are:

  • International Telecommunication Union: Technical support
  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology: Testbed and Funding support

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