FAQs – Developers Tutorial and Hackathon – April 2019

What are the charges for participating in the tutorial and hackathon?

There is no charge to participate in the tutorial or hackathon.

Who can participate? 

Anybody can participate in the activity. Students, Developers, Startups, Faculty and Industry Professionals.

Who will cover my travel and stay?

we don’t provide any travel or stay to the participating teams. You will have to make your own arrangements. We have requested the host institute to provide accommodation on payment basis at their campus. Details of which will be shared to selected teams.

What will increase my chance to be selected for hackathon?

If you have completed the MOOC (online course) already.

Technical resources for Tutorial and Hackathon

Can I bring my own technical resources ( sensors, kits etc) ?

Yes, you are free to bring your own resources. We will provide you a kit. Details of which are mentioned on the hackathon page.

Who will propose the teams, should we form the team and come?

Yes, as organisers we are not involved in forming teams. We will encourage you to find a team and apply. In case, if you don’t have a team you can apply as an individual. The team can consist of all possible combinations, industry professional, students to faculty members.

What will increase my chance of winning the hackathon?

For technical evaluation we will focus on standard implementation. The teams whose implementation will be based on oneM2M will be preferred over the other implementations. If you have already understood well the concept of oneM2M ahead of the actual activity it will increase your chances. (Technical resources for Tutorial and HackathonYou can focus more on your actual idea implementation.

What is the connection between the tutorial in IIT Guwahati and Hackathon in CoE Pune?

There is no connection between the two activities. IIT Guwahati is only the tutorial and College of Engineering Pune has tutorial on 15 April followed by 16 April Hackathon.