Software resources for Hackathon

  • Eclipse OM2M binaries (download link)
    • Java Runtime Environment 8 or higher is needed to run OM2M
    • Java Development Kit is not necessary unless you want to develop the IoT application in Java, or hack OM2M and modify it.
  • Some given examples of IoT apps will be written in Node.js
  • To develop for the NodeMCU device, two options:
    • 1) Download a pre-configured portable Arduino IDE for windows (with the necessary libraries and examples) (Download Link)
    • OR, 2) follow these steps:
  • Postman tool for testing the REST API (download link)
  • oneM2M Release 2 Developers Guide and Technical Specifications (download link)
  • Pune Smart City Data Access Guide (download link1, download link_Client_userguide)