For the love of standards: once a student now a tutor!

As India EU ICT Standards collaboration project, we have organised three hackathons at the national level so far. One of our winner for the second hackathon at IIIT Hyderabad was a young student from Bengaluru, Suraj Bonagiri. During the hackathon Suraj shared with us that he was also present during the first hackathon in Bengaluru and this time he has come prepared! Indeed, he was prepared and turns out to be one of the winners. The story does not end here and so his love of standards!

He ended up taking a research position at IIIT Hyderabad. As project, we decided to support the Centre of Excellence for Smart City activities at IIIT Hyderabad. The professors wanted to include oneM2M standards in their IoT course curriculum and were looking for an expert to teach theory and lab sessions. Having Suraj in campus solved this problem!

Suraj recently taught along with Prof Lavanya students of IIIT Hyderabad theory and lab sessions on oneM2M. For the project stakeholders, the journey of Suraj is very rewarding and showcases the potential of young talent in India and their perseverance and giving attitude to share knowledge with wider society!


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