India-EU ICT project support IIIT Hyderabad CoE

India-EU ICT Standardisation cooperation project announces support to IIIT Hyderabad CoE on IoT topic

India-EU-ICT Standardisation cooperation project which aims to promote closer alignment between India and European Union with an aim to facilitate trade, increase interoperability and the ease of doing business for companies, and to add weight to European and Indian ICT standardisation efforts at the global level, launched a Call to support existing and planned Centre of Excellences in India working on the project topics of 5G, IoT and Security.

After careful evaluation it was decided among the project stakeholders (ETSI, TSDSI and EU Delegation) to support the Center of Excellence at IIIT Hyderabad. The CoE comprises of multiple professors of IIIT Hyderabad working on IoT applications with an aim of using standards approach to offer interoperability and other key benefits of standardisation to public at large. As part of the CoE, the Project will support activities such as a course on IoT, hackathon and exchange of experts from India and EU for capacity building.

For details of CoE and partnerships please refer to Dr Sachin Chaudhari, IIIT Hyderabad, or to Project local coordinator, Mr Sachin Gaur at

If you are part of a CoE in India, and working on the project-related topics and interested in obtaining project support for your activities in 2019, do not hesitate to contact the project staff for additional information.




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