MOOC for oneM2M and other Technical Resources

Technical Resources for Hackathon

You have access to several on line resources :

  • A MOOC for general information about the oneM2M standard, IoT and first practice is available on the below link (this is compulsory for hackathon participants to do in advance):
    • on the platform, course :  Internet of Things with oneM2M standard , enrolment key : INSA-MSIOT
  • To do this you should create an online account on this web site.
  • Practice on Eclipse OM2M through the tutorials proposed on the web site: ( The different section that you could do:
    • Download
    • Clone & Build
    • Config & Start
    • Web Interface
    • REST API
  • Practice on node-RED tutorial, available at 
    • It is not necessary to go through the semantic part
  • Access to a NodeMCU kit
  • Webinar Recording:
  • oneM2M Demo Presentation – Suraj Bonagiri

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