SDMX Workshop at CSO India from 27th March to 01st April 2017

The technical workshop on the introduction of the SDMX Standard & SDMX tools was conducted from 27/03 to 01/04/2017 at the CSO with participation of staff from the CSO’s National Accounts division and the Computer Center.

Besides the introduction of the standard, the main focus was on the presentation & application of SDMX tools available in the portfolio of the SDMX sponsors (in particular Eurostat).


The following main topics were covered:

  1. SDMX standard & structures;
  2. Presentation of SDMX tools (SDMX Converter, SDMX-RI, SDMX Registries, CensusHUB);
  3. SDMX tools application with latest SDMX structures on National Accounts (NA) data;

Hands-on sessions to convert CSO quarterly National Accounts data to SDMX data messages with the SDMX converter.



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