TSDSI Tech Deep Dive Conference 2021

TSDSI Tech Deep Dive Conference 2021 (25-28 Oct 2021)

TSDSI is organising the 4th edition of its Annual Technical Deep Dive (TTDD) Conference, where technocrats, researchers and standards experts from around the world come together to discuss topics related to global standardisation activities, and, emerging and futuristic technology trends. The theme of this year’s conference is “Standards for Digital Transformation in the New Normal”

The conference will have 10 technical sessions on topics covering–

  • Critical Communications
  • Vision for 6G- Requirements/Use Cases/ Applications
  • Levelling the Digital divide for Rural and Remote areas
  • Securing 5G, IoT, AI and Beyond
  • Spectrum considerations for 5G and Beyond
  • Role of Private Networks in India’s Digital transformation
  • Open Technologies for Access Networks
  • Impact of Quantum Technologies on Telecom Networks
  • Application and Services
  • Evolution of Broadcast and Non-Terrestrial Networks.

The sessions will have subject matter experts from India and abroad (including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cook Islands, Africa) and key standards and technology forums such as ATIS, ATSC, ETSI, IEEE, ITU, MTSFB, TCCA, TIA etc. This will facilitate sharing of information on approaches being taken in these topic areas, thus promoting cross pollination of ideas and harmonization of standards development efforts across the regions.

TSDSI thanks Tata Consultancy Services, for sponsoring the conference.

Participation is open to all by prior registration at link here.

For latest details and the full speaker line up, please visit the conference website https://ttdd.tsdsi.in/

Schedule: 25-28 October 2021

Venue: Online

Conference Contact: Bindoo Srivastava (bindoo@tsdsi.in, +91 9873840817), Shefali Sinha (shefali@tsdsi.in, +91 9810539624); Sonia Sachdeva Sharma (sonia@tsdsi.in, +91 9818281727); TSDSI Secretariat (secretariat@tsdsi.in)

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