Workshop – IIIT Delhi

25-26 March 2021
9:30 AM IST

India-EU ICT Standardisation Cooperation Project is pleased to inform you that IIIT Delhi has established a Center of Excellence (CoE) on LiFi with the support from the project. As a part of this collaboration, CoE will not only design relevant courses on LiFi, but will also facilitate capacity building by supporting research collaborations and exchange of experts between India and the EU.


Visible Light Communication technology will be most useful in indoor environments as it will be able to provide large bandwidths. This will also be very useful for providing high bandwidth last mile connectivity in remote and rural areas.

This workshop will mainly focus on the requirements and challenges of deployment in such scenarios. The inputs gathered from the workshop will help in working out innovative solutions. The test bed will enable such innovations which can be contributed to standards.

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